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ExecuteIt! Free

With ExecuteIt! it is possible to start and close applications time dependentExecuteIt Screenshot.

For example, you can start backup scripts at a defined time or in conjunction with ShutDown it is possible to shutdown your computer during your absence.

The usage of ExecuteIt! is not limited to execute applications. It is possible to open every file, which is associated with a program (i. e. word documents) and even DOS programs or scripts can be started.

In this context you have many possibilities for individual using.

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ExecuteIt! Free version 1.0


ExecuteIt! Server

ExecuteIt! Server has a many more functions than ExecuteIt! Free. The main differences are:

  1. The ExecuteIt! Server version supports date entries. That means you can specify a start-date for your defined job..ExecuteIt! Server Preview
  2. There are five program modes available:
    • Normal: programs, scripts, etc. will be started.
    • Start-Stop: programs, scripts or other tasks will be started and stopped again.
    • Endless: programs, scripts or other task will be executed everyday at the same time (useful for daily routines)
    • Multistart: programs, scripts or other tasks will be executed every x seconds and closed after x seconds again (x means a free adjustable time interval which comes from 1 second up to several months)
    • Periodical: programs, scripts or other things will be executed in a specific month or on a specific weekday (i.e. every Thursday, every May, every 13th of the month).
  3. The ExecuteIt! Server jobs can be organized with help of .eia files.

The price of ExecuteIt! Server is 49 USD.

If you have questions or if you want to know more about ExecuteIt! Server you can contact us on software@competent-software.com . If you want to buy ExecuteIt! Server please use the link below.

ExecuteIt! Server v1.5.1

Translator wanted

We are trying to translate our ExecuteIt! Server product into as many languages as possible. If you would like to help us (unsalaried) please contact us on software@competent-software.com . Thank you in advance.

Customizing service

You are missing a feature or function? The program does not solve your problem definition? No problem. We offer a customizing service which means, the program can be modified or reprogramed. If you want to know more about our service and the corresponding costs you can contact us on software@competent-software.com. We are pleased!

Distributor Wanted

We are looking for national or international software distributors and IT vendors who would like to sell our software products. If you are interested and you would like to take part to our success, please contact us at sales@competent-software.com .

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