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You have plenty of great wallpapers but you can not decide which to use? Let EasyWallpaper decide for you!  EasyWallpaper is the ultimate desktop wallpaper management solution. A taste of what the program can do:Screenshot

New wallpaper on Windows startup:
EasyWallpaper can set a new  desktop wallpaper on each Windows startup. adding a tinge of excitement to every time you switch on your PC. Which wallpaper will be displayed this time...?

New wallpapers at specific intervals:
You want to be able to do more than change your wallpaper on Windows
startup? No problem. Just configure the interval EasyWallpaper is to refresh the Windows desktop; i. e. so you can make a slide show from your most recent holiday pictures on your desktop!

Desktop calendar:
Which weekday is the 1. of June? And which week number is it? Every PC user has asked such a question once and in most cases we don't have a suitable calendar to our fingertips.  With EasyWallpaper it is not going to happen anymore. EasyWallpaper displays a convenient calendar including week numbers on your Windows desktop.

Category management:
Easywallpaper manages all your wallpapers in categories. So you can organize your images and you will not lose the view of your wallpapers.

EasyWallpaper screensaver:
You would like to  use your favorite images as a screensaver? With EasyWallpaper it is not problem at all.

Wallpapers in different formats:
EasyWallpaper supports the  most used graphic standards like bmp, gif, jpeg or png. Additionally, with EasyWallpaper you can use html documents, as well. So it is possible to use your own web site as your Windows desktop wallpaper.

Slide show:
Use EasyWallpaper as a photo  browser! With EasyWallpaperyou can create full screen slide shows of your favorite images and  photos.

Starfield wallpaper:
You feel like flying in a space shuttle! With EasyWallpaper you can conjure a moving starfield on your desktop. Make your Windows unique with that kind of a wallpaper!

Find new wallpapers:
Whether on your hard disk or in the Internet - EasyWallpaper helps you to find new and great Windows desktop  wallpapers.

Add wallpapers easy and fast :
offers many simple ways to add new wallpapers to categories. I.e. by drag and drop or right mouse click inside the Windows Explorer.

Those and many more features make Easywallpaper to a professional wallpaper management solution for MS Windows. Check it out, now!


EasyWallpaper 3.1

Order EasyWallpaper Download

The price for EasyWallpaper is 19.95 USD. If you would like to order EasyWallpaper please click on the button above.

If you have support related questions, please visit our EasyWallpaper Support Forum. You are looking for new wallpapers or you know a web site where you can download new wallpapers and you would like to inform other EasyWallpaper users? In this case just visit our wallpaper link list.

EasyWallpaper 1.0

Our great EasyWallpaper version 1.0 is freeware now. Download EasyWallpaper 1.0 for free here (german version only).

Translator wanted

We are trying to translate our EasyWallpaper product into several languages. If you would like to help us (unsalaried) please contact us on software@competent-software.com . Thank you in advance.

Distributor Wanted

We are looking for national or international software distributors and IT vendors who would like to sell our software products. If you are interested and you would like to take part to our success, please contact us at sales@competent-software.com .

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