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CheckQuota - Professional directory quota and monitoring

CheckQuota is the professional monitor program for directories. It monitors directory size, sends alerts and locks write processes if a limit has been exceeded. The main functions of CheckQuota are:

  • Directory quota function
  • Two step mail alert system
  • File type blocking
  • HTML status reports
  • EMail status reports
  • Runs as system service
  • API support
  • PHP web interface

Directory quota function
With CheckQuota it is possible to specify one or more users for a directories. In the case that the directory space comes over a specified limit CheckQuota is going to lock the whole write processes of the defined users. The users can read and delete data, but it is not possible to copy new files into the directory or changing existing data. This function is very useful so a system administrator can control and limit the directory size. When user deletes data and that the directory size comes under the specified limit again the users are going to get the whole write access back. The advantage of CheckQuota is you can set up a directory quota for each user seperately.

Two step mail alert system
CheckQuota has a two step mail alert system. For example, in the first step you can notify your users that the directory limit will reach soon. I the second step you can notify that limit has been reached reached and writes access is locked now.

File type blocking
With CheckQuota it is possible to block specific file types for specific directories. For example, it is possible to prevent that users can store MP3 or video files in their home directories.

HTML status reports
CheckQuota has a unique HTML report engine. With help of that engine you can create a clear html report of your directories. It shows the used disk space, directory size limit, locking status, etc. and it can be published in the network so that everyone can control the status.

EMail status report
With CheckQuota you can send the status of your monitored directories via eMail. For example, it is possible that users can be notified of the used directory space daily.

Running as system service
CheckQuota will install as a system service. That means, it will be loaded on system start and runs without an user has to be logged on.

API support
CheckQuota has an Advanced Programing Interface. With help of this interface you can develop external programs or scripts whereby CheckQuota can be managed. I.e. you can give users the possibility to change their own quota settings or you can administrate CheckQuota from a different computer via PHP or VB scripts.

PHP web interface
CheckQuota has also PHP web interface. That means you can remote control CheckQuotas basic functions over the Internet just with a Brwoser.

But CheckQuota has much more features. Check out our trial version! CheckQuota is a must-have  for every system administrator and should be install on every server!

Click here if you would like to know what is new in CheckQuota 5.

CheckQuota screenshots




CheckQuota versions

CheckQuota is available in three variants. The following matrix show the varieties of the different versions:


CheckQuota Standard

CheckQuota Professional

CheckQuota Advanced





Supports Windows XP/2003/Vista/2008/7

64-bit support

Directory quota function

Two step mail alert system

HTML status reports

EMail status reports

Runs as system service

Exclude files

File type blocking

Locking file which exeeds the limit

API support

PHP web interface

Max. monitored directories



> 199











CheckQuota + CheckSystem Pro Bundle

CheckSystem is the perfect monitoring tool for your PC and server. The program monitors hard disks/partitions, applications, CPU usage, system services, log files, web sites, event logs, fragmentation level and many many more. More information about CheckSystem can be found here. So CheckQuota + CheckSystem is the perfect combination for your server.

CheckSystem can be combine with CheckQuota Professional or CheckQuota Advanced.

The CheckQuota Pro + CheckSystem Pro bundle package costs 109 Euro only! The CheckQuota Advanced + CheckSystem Pro bundle package costs 129 Euro only! You save €39 as when you buy each program separately!


CheckQuota Pro + CheckSystem Pro

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CheckQuota Adv + CheckSystem Pro

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Awards and press reviews

“...all computer users can suffer the lack of disk space  just because of a single "bad" user. A common solution for the problem is disk quota, which means settings like "this folder can be written only by this user, and only while its less then 50 MB". To enforce disk quotas, the computer administrator should just use CheckQuota software. This affable program has all for administrator's comfortable work with quotas...” - read full article

CheckQuota is an absolute unique product and thus it has won many awards. Here a selection.













Customizing service

You are missing a feature or function? The program does not solve your problem definition? No problem. We offer a customizing service which means, the program can be modified or reprogramed. If you want to know more about our service and the corresponding costs you can contact us on We are pleased!

Distributor Wanted

We are looking for national or international software distributors and IT vendors who would like to sell our software products. If you are interested and you would like to take part to our success, please contact us at .

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