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TK TextView

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TK TextView is an advanced text editor. It is qualified for viewing big files, as well as for quick editing of “ini” and “inf” files. By a lot of practical features a high measure of efficiency are obtained.
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The main advantages of TK TextView are:


 working and viewing big files (several megabytes)


 rich text format are supported


 Office 97 look and feel


 recent file list


 graphic support


 OLE support


 Special character replacing etc...






These and many more functions makes TK TextView to a professional all-round tool.
Note: At this time, TK TextView is available in German only.

TK TextView (Zip) Version 2.1

Revision History

Version 2.1

  • new: special character replacing. Function run in its own thread
  • file extension registration
  • new window can open within the program: menu item “new window”
  • files which were opened by the explorer will subscribe in the MRU now.
  • info dialog was changed
  • some items in the help menu were added
  • bugfix: general protection fault...
  • undocumented feature - What can it be?
  • changed License Agreement!!
  • installation was improved

Version 2.0

  • new toolbars in Office 97 look (full dockingable)
  • font toolbar
  • menus including icons (like Office 97)
  • toolbar with font name and size
  • recent file list
  • multi undo is now possible
  • redo option
  • word wrap item is moved to the option dialog
  • on the left side a thin selection bar was added (allow select whole lines and paragraphs)
  • file format identification was improved
  • insert of graphics is now possible
  • import of OLE objects is now possible
  • line and column counting was improved
  • now, call search dialog by "STRG+F" and retry by "F3"

Version 1.7

  • the “Advanced print options” dialog was moved and is called at this time “Page options”
  • by the print options it is now possible to define border lines
  • in the menu item “options” it it possible to define a font as standard font. All text files will be shown in this font.
  • the option “Save at exit” is disappeared. Where is it?

Version 1.6:

  • a comfortable print and layout management was added

Version 1.5.1:

  • bugfix - open document per double-click and “Save” don’t result in “Save as...” dialog

Version 1.5:

  • option dialog was added
  • homepage links added
  • selection print now possible

Version 1.3:

  • bugfix with the font dialog, font style and font size will be shown correctly
  • bugfix with the font dialog, changed font setting are not applied if the user click “Cancel”
  • about dialog was changed
  • toolbar icons changed
  • zooming feature (minimize/maximize) added

Version 1.2:

  • first official release

Distributor Wanted

We are looking for national or international software distributors and IT vendors who would like to sell our software products. If you are interested and you would like to take part to our success, please contact us at .

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